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Whats New

2017 Updates
Please Note: From time to time the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Makes changes on how websites are to be coded. As a result we change some of the coding on our site to comply with W3C.

4 January 2018
1. Added information about the 2007 Foote Family Education Conference held in Rochester,NY on August 2-5, 2007
2. Corrected Page flow for the Education Conferences from 1999 to 2017.
3. Created a new Top of Page Graphic for each of the conference pages.
4. Added links for support of Homeless Veterans on the Military Help page

29 December 2017
1. Modified Page menu to correct coding and spelling errors
2. Corrected several minor coding errors on several pages.
3. Rebuilt the Top of Page Graphic for each page to allow a better flow from page to page
4. Modified the breadcrumb menu coding at the top of each page which allows smoother transition from Page to Page
5 Modified Key words on all pages to improve the way search websites desplay information about our website pages.  
6.Rebuilt the English Generation charts to provde better and easier way to view the tables.
7. Added (On this Page) links for most pages. This allows you to see what is actual on each page without scrolling.
8. Added Image script in the header of each page that pre-loads images. This allows the page to load faster
9. Corrected errors in table tags on each page
10. Changed the structure of all links in the menu of each page
11. Removed all "rel" tags from each page.

4 September 2017
1. Added information about the 2017 Foote Family Education Conference
2. Changed page title colors from blue to black
3. Modified look and codel of several pages to provide a standard design throughout the website.
4. Added links to special editions of Footeprints Newspaper to the front page of this website.

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