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Presidents Corner

Greetings from Your President

Another year has quickly passed and it's that time of year again for our Membership drive. Bob Foote and Elizabeth Foote will be sending out your renewal notices very soon.

The Members of the board want to THANK YOU for your continued support to the organization. We couldn't do it without you!   I wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas. Enjoy the times you have with your family and friends!


Foote Prints, Volume 15, Issue 1, Winter 2015
Dear Cousins, I was hoping , in this issue that I would be able to announce where the 2017 Educational Conference would be held. We are still working out the details and I will let you know as soon as possible. It has been a crazy spring and in the Northeast we have seen few days of warm weather.

Today it is in the 50s. The flowering trees and leaves are trying hard to open, but the harsh winds are keeping them behind of where they usually are for this time of year.

I hope many of you are seeing great weather in your area. am happy to announce that 21 new members have joined the association this year. Welcome to all of you! I also have been notified that 8 members have passed away. My condolences go out to their families. Until next time

Foote Prints, Volume 14, Issue 2,Summer 2015
Dear Cousins, I can't believe that summer is quickly behind us, although you wouldn't know it. Today in Vermont, September 19th and it's in the high 80s.

Over the years many of you have had the pleasure of meeting and working with John Foote. He has not only been a Trustee for many years, but also our Membership Chairman. John has brought many new ideas to the board and was one of the leading advocates to move our conference to thewest.

He has done a tremendous job at handling the membership duties and both him and Susan have helped organize many reunions, such as our Nathaniel Foote Memorial Conference and this past event in SLC.

Thank you from all of us! Good Luck as John explores other opportunities and we hope to see both John and Susan at future conferences.

We will miss your humor and laughter. John will not be leaving the board until Jan 1st, at the conclusion of his term.

My condolences to the families of Jeanette Young, of Azusa, CA and Bertha Foote, wife of Howard Foote of Macedon, NY our cousins who have passed in recent months.

In the obituary of Wilbur ,Bill, Foote, I published the name of his wife incorrectly. I apologize to the family of Wilbur Foote. Wilbur met Donna Mae Johnston in February 1950, and they were married by Reverend Hubbard in Princeton at the Methodist Church one year later on 3/3/1951.

Foote Prints, Volume 13, Issue 2,Summer 2014
The first 2 pages of the summer newsletter and our web page highlight our conference in Salt Lake City, on July 23-26, 2015. There is something for everyone in the schedule of events.

Mike and Keith Nyborg have put together an exciting and fun filled event. I hope that many of you will be able to attend and meet your Foote cousins. In the last newsletter, you were asked to consider a couple of tour options for the conference.

If you have not done so, please take a look at those options and let Keith and Mike know if you are interested. Please e-mail them at, or phone them at 208-390-7554. You can also mail them at PO Box 75, Ashton, ID 83420.

I am working with Larry, our web master to get the Foote Shoppe on our website. It will allow us to sell our shirts and other Foote Gear, everyday and not just at our Educational Conference. The pay method will still be done by check, but you will be able to view what we have in stock and place an order. I am hoping to have that up and running by the start of 2015.

We still have Elizabeth and Mary books of Volume lll available. Check our web page for the details on how to get your copy, before they are gone.

Note: After many years and many long hours of paperwork the Foote Family Association of America, Inc. is happy to announce that we have just been granted 501(c)(3) status. (Non-Profit Organization)


Previous Greatings

Foote Prints, Volume 12, Issue 2, 2013

Charles and Joanne Gilbert  receiving a gift for service to the FFAA

Michael and I want to thank everyone who attended the reunion in Burlington. The weather was on the rainy side, but we made the best of it and as always had a wonderful time. The rain did hold off during the dinner cruise, the lake was calm and still. A great time was had by all!

We had 40 in attendance at the reunion from 11 states and Canada. We had several members that had never attended a reunion. Welcome to David and Ellen Foote from Healdsburg, CA, Edward and Elizabeth Kipp from Orleans, Ontaria, Canada, Dorothy and Robert Kuba from Fort Edward, NY and Janis and Monty Palmer from Mesa, Arizona. It was so nice to meet you all and I hope you enjoyed your reunion time as much as we did!

Along with the election of officers that you will see below, we also want to recognize and thank Charles and Joanne Gilbert for all they have done for the FFAA. Charles will be leaving the board but he and Joanne will continue to help in the printing and mailing of the "Footeprints" newsletter. Thanks Again! The picture to the right is Joanne and Charles accepting a Thank You gift!

Be watching for the fall issue where there will be more fun filled articles about the 2013 reunion.

Election of Officers
The Election of Officers was held and I am happy to announce the following members have agreed to serve as board members for another 4 years

President - Barbara Foote-Hennessy
1st Vice President - Marilyn Masi
Secretary - Pat Kenney
Treasurer - Bill Groves
Genealogist - Becky Owens
Historian - Sally Andrade
Trustee - Jonathan Foote

We are most excited to announce our newest members of the board. Please Welcome our new trustees:

Cynthia Foote from Orchard Park, NY
Judith Veitz of Dunkirk, NY
Thank you all for helping carry on the legacy of our Foote heritage.


November 15, 2011
(From the fall issue of Foote Prints, Volume 11, Issue 3)

Michael and I are very excited about the 2013 reunion in Bur-lington, VT. The plans are well underway. The hotel has been chosen (Best Western Windjam-mer Inn and Conference Center) make your reservations now.

The details are on page one of this newsletter. The Saturday night banquet will be aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen III cruising Lake Cham-plain. We will be attending the Admiral's Dinner and Dance Cruise. You will have your choice of several entrees, with a DJ avail- able for dancing following the dinner.

Or, you can stroll the 3 decks and enjoy the views with your fellow cousins. The boarding time will be at 6:10 PM and we will arrive back in dock at 9:00 PM. We will then drive back to the hotel, where we will hold our short business meeting and enjoy the ever popular raffle and reunion awards.

The cost of this event will be $48.99 per person. It includes your meal, the cruise, music and all taxes and gratuities. Please check out the full details of the ship and it's amenities at:

Be watching for the next newslet-ter that will have your registration form included to attend all of our exciting events. We are also working on our Friday bus tour. Details to follow in the next edition. Please get all of your families excited about this event. It will be both fun and educational for your children and grandchil-dren.

Burlington also offers a variety of tours in the area, winer-ies, chocolate factory, micro brew-eries, and the famous Ben and Jerry's is a short ride to visit. There is something for EVERYONE! Hope to see you all there!/spa


June 3, 2011

Dear Cousins;
Attached with the current mailing of Footeprints you will have all of the information you need to register for our 2011 Foote Family Conference I hope to see you all there. Charles and Joanne Gilbert are our hosts, and have planned a fun filled weekend at the falls.

As always, the highlight of the weekend will be our Saturday evening banquet, with this year's reunion guest speaker Chris Foote, whose family invented the first paving machine.

If you attended the 2009 reunion and still have your green lanyard, please bring it with you. You will be receiving a pin with the year of the reunion to add to your lanyard. If you do not have yours, or are a new reunion goer, we have a new lanyard just for you.

We are currently looking for a member or members to host our 2013 reunion. Our Niagara Falls location is the furthest west we've visited. We would love to visit your state. Contact me at if you are interested in hosting this bi-annual event.

It's not too late to purchase your copy of Vol. 3, Book One, Elizabeth, of the Foote Family Genealogy and History. The cost of the book is $66, for shipping within the U.S. (for Canadian shipping, please add $10.) Order now, there are a limited number of copies available. Make checks payable to FFAA, and send to:

Foote Family Association of America
P.O. Box 418
Middlefield, CT 06455

We will have Vol. 3, Book Two, Mary, available for sale at the September reunion. If you would like to pre buy your copy now, the cost is $54, including shipping. It will be available at the reunion for $56, and after the reunion the cost will be $62, including shipping. Please send all orders to the address above.

We are also accepting final submissions for the next book, Vol. 3, Book Three, Sarah. If you have family group sheets to submit, please send them to the Foote Family address, as soon as possible.

In closing, the Executive Board of the Foote Family Association is looking for Foote Family members to fill two positions within our board.

The first, a newsletter editor, is responsible for gathering information, writing and mailing the newsletter to the members of the association, several times a year. I work closely with that person to proof read all newsletters, before publication.

The second position is a membership secretary, responsible for organizing the annual membership drive, contacting new members, and handling other mailings during the year, along with keeping the data base up to date. This person will work closely with John Foote, the Membership Chairman.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact me. Have a sunny, warm and fun summer and I hope to see everyone at the reunion.


November 15, 2010
(From the fall issue of Foote Prints)

Welcome to our first edition of the Foote Family Newsletter, Footeprints, published by Jami Fultz! This issue unveils a new design, as well as a few other features, including the crossword puzzle on page 9.

The newsletter will now be published quarterly on the following schedule: .

- Winter - January 1st
- Spring - March 1st
- Summer - June 1st
- Fall - October 1st

Please send Jami all submissions well in advance of the delivery date to All types of submissions are welcome, including your family lineage, announcements, and family stories and pictures.

Would you like to receive your newsletter by e-mail? Not only is this an environmentally friendly alternative to paper, it will allow you to receive Footeprints as a color PDF!

Be watching in your fall Renewal and Gift Membership Application packet for your opportunity to choose how you would like to receive your Footeprints, either by US mail or in electronic format. If electronic format is preferred, please make sure to add your e-mail address to the form.

On September 25, 2010, the members of the FFAA Board met in Windsor, CT for our fall meeting. Plans are well under way for the 2011 Reunion, hosted by Charles and Joanne Gilbert, in Niagara Falls, NY. I hope to see you all there! It is truly shaping up to be a wonderful weekend.

We are also seeking a family member to host a reunion outside the New England/New

(18 August 2010)
From the Summer Issue
August 8th, 2009 was a great day for the Foote Family. M. Jodi Rell, Governor of the State of Connecticut, officially proclaimed the day as Nathaniel Foote Monument Day in the state of Connecticut. State Senator, Paul Doyle of the 9th Senate district read the following official statement.

On behalf of the state of Connecticut, I, M. Jodi Rell, Governor, take pleasure in congratulating the Foote Family Association in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Nathaniel Foote Monument.

For 100 years. The Nathaniel Foote Monument has stood on the Wethersfield village green, the site of Nathaniel Foote's homestead.

The Foote Family Association of America is an organization comprised of Foote descendants, traced from 16th Century England, which was created in Wethersfield in 1907.

In celebrating the settlement of Wethersfiel's 375th anniversary and the dedication of the Nathaniel Foote Monument, the Foote Family Association of America honors our history and raises the standards of excellence in the State of Connecticut.

The Nathaniel Foote Monument has occupied a place of honor on the Wethersfield Green for many years and I commend the members of the Foote Family Association for their preservation and continued reverence of the monument.

Congratulations on this remarkable anniversary and may the Foote Family Association of America continue to flourish in the State of Connecticut for years to come.

Be proud to be a Foote!


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