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Our Ancestors in England
(10) Nathaniel Foote The Settler
Birth Date:   September 21, 1592.
Birth Place:   Shalford,Colchester, Essex, Eng,
Christening:    Unknown.
Death:   Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
Burial:   November 20, 1644 In Wethersfield,
Hartford, Connecticut
Marrage:   Elizabeth Deming In January of the year 1616 in Colchester, Essex, England.
Children:   Seven Children
Generation:   First Generation In America
Father::   Robert Foote of Shalford
Mother:   Joan Brooke

Nathaniel Foote
was our No. 1 Ancestor in America, who was born September 21, 1592 in Shalford Colchester Esses, England. He was the son of Robert Foote of Shalford, County of Essex, A Yoeman and grandson of John Foote of Royston.

Royston is located near Colchester England. Nathaniel s mother's name was Joan (Brooks). She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Brooke of London. He resided in Shalford Parish, county Essex and St Mary Bothaw Parish, London.

Nathaniel's Apprenticeship
Nathaniel Foote The Settler resided in Shalford Parish, county Essex and St Mary Bothaw Parish, London.  Nathaniel, was fifteen years old when Robert, his father died in 1608; Robert Jr, thus became the head of the house.

At the age of sixteen Nathaniel was apprenticed on 21 September, 1608 for a term of 8 years or until his 24th birthday in the year 1616, to Samuel Croyle of Colchester, a grocer and free burgess. [A wholesale merchant, or as often called in those days "a grosser," was one who sold by the gross instead of by the pound or small quantity. Nathanial then brought a message from Beatrice Barker, Esq., located on East Street, St James Parish, Colchester. He was a grocer himself as of 18 Oct 1619.


A Short time after he finished his apprenticeship training, he was married to Elizabeth Deming (In January of the year 1616) in Colchester, Essex, England. She was the sister of John Deeming, who was for many years the one of the magistrates of the "Colony of the Connecticut" and one of the Patenees named in it's charter.

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Foote
No. Ancestor's Name Parent Birth Death Wife
(22) Elizabeth Foote (10) 1616 1700 Josiah Churchill
(23) Nathaniel Foote (10) 1618 1655 Elizabeth Smith
(24) Mary Foote (10) 1623 1687 John Stoddard
(25) Robert Foote (10) 1627 1681 Sarah Potter
(26) Frances Foote (10) 1629 1673 John Dickinson
(27) Sara Foote (10) 1632 1672 Jeremiah Judson
(28) Rebecca Foote (10) 1634 1701 Lt Phillip Smith

The Movement to America
Sometime before the year 1633 the family moved from London England to Boston, Massachusetts. He settled first, upon arrival in the New World, at Watertown, Mass.; where he took the freeman's oath 3 Sep 1633. According to the records of "The Original Distribution of Lands Around Wethersfield" recorded in 1640, a short time after arriving in Wethersfield in 1635, Nathaniel received a ten acre house lot on the east side of Broad Street. This land was near the south end of the street. This land was purchased directly from the Wongunk Indians at a place located along the Connecticut River that was called Pyguaq, later renamed Wethersfield. Additionally, he became the owner of several other tracts laying in part in the great meadow east of his house and containing close to 400 acres of land. In 1641, he was appointed a delegate to the General Court. He was a juror in 1643 and 1644.

Note: Part of his land is now a public park at the foot of Broad Street.

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Nathaniel's Profession
Even though Nathaniel's main profession in England was that of a Crocher, he became a farmer. He was also active in the public trusts of the town. He was appointed as a delegate to the "General Court" in the year 1644.

Nathaniel Foote was the first cousin of Sir Thomas Foote, Sheriff of London in 1649 and Lord Mayor of London in 1650. Sir Thomas Foote was the son of Robert Foote of Royston and the brother of Robert Foote of Shalford, who was Nathaniel s Father.

Records show that Nathaniel Foote died in Wethersfield, Connecticut in November, 1644 at the age of 51. He was buried in the burying ground in the rear of the town meeting house, where nine generations are buried. Nathaniel was survived by his wife, two sons, and five daughters.

Nathaniel's Will
The probate record for Nathaniel includes a complete inventory; it is recreated here with the spelling as found in the original:

To The Children:
  • Nathaniel Foote, about 24 years, to have #148
  • Robert Foote, about 17 years, to have #74
  • Frances Foote, about 15 years, to have #74
  • Sarah Foote, about 12 years, to have #74
  • Rebecca Foote, about 10 years, to have #74
  • The Wyddow of sd. Nathaniel Foote Adms. her portion, #212
Other Possession s
  • Imprs His purse and apparrell, #7-16-00 It.
  • In neat Cattel and in Hay, #93-00-00 It.
  • in horsse fleshe, #34-00-00 It.
  • in hoggs, #66-60-00 lt.
  • in debts, #29-03-04 It.
  • In Englishe Corne, #70-00-00 It.
  • in goats, #3-15-00 It. in Carts, ploughs, etc. #6-00-00 It.
  • in nayles, #1-10-00 Ite.
  • Indean Corne, #8-00-00 It.
  • in old Wheat and pease, #6-06-00 It.
  • for certain things in the chamber, #2-00-00 It.
  • for ammunition, #5-00-00 Ite.
  • for fouer beds with the furniture, #13-06-08 It.
  • in fyne lynen, #5-10-00 Ite. 2 table boards, 2 chests, 1 Trunke, with other Implts. #5-00-00 It. pewter & brasse and other vseful vessells, #12-00-00 It.
  • in husbandry tooles, #3-00-00 It. in beife, butter, and cheese and other necessary provision for the howse, #8-10-00 It.
  • in poultry, #1-00-00

    somm: #380-17-00

The Land:
Ten acres of home lotts with one dwelling howse and 2 barnes with other buildings thereuppon
  • 4 acres of home lotts
  • 6 acres of meadow with an acre of swampe
  • 20 acres of plaine fenced in being 14 ac. broke vp
  • 7 acres of plaine meadow plowed vp
  • 20 acres in the great meadow of hay ground
  • 4 acres in bever meadow
  • 27 acres of Swampe Ground
  • 81 Acres of Vpland in the Weste field 32 Rod broad beyond the River, being 3 Miles in length

Land Devided to The Widow
  • 4 a-c house lott wherr her house is
  • The hoseing
  • 2 ac Unsubdued
  • 7 ac plaine brok
  • 3-1/2 plaine med:
  • 14 ac meadow
  • 3 ac plaine not broaks up
  • 30 ac upland in Westfield

Land Devided to The Eldest Sonne
  • 3 ac home lot next her
  • 2 ac unsubdued
  • 7 ac plaine broke up
  • 3-1/2 of meadow
  • 3 ac in great med:
  • 4 ac in beavermed:
  • 27 ac swampe
  • 3 ac not broke up
  • 30 ac upland West Field
  • Halfe the east side

Land Devided to The youngest Sonne
  • 3 ac homelott
  • 6 ac med: in the swamp
  • 21 ac West Field
  • halfe of the east sd.

The age of the 5 children
Dewelling with their mother.
  • Nathaniel Foote - 24 years
  • Robert Foote - about 17 years
  • Francis - about 15 years
  • Sara - about 12 years
  • Rebecka - about 10 years.

The widdowe of the said Nath: ffote is admitted to administer the Estate, and the eldest sonne is to have the lands before mentioned as they are valued at 1261. 10s wch is to be made uppe 1481, and the youngest sonne the particular landes above mentioned for him at 651. wch is to be made uppe 741, and the daughters disposed in merrage are to have 301 .8 peece wch they have receevede made uppe 741. and the other children are to have 741. a peece provided it is left at the dispose of their mother to etacte from any of them if she sees just cause 51. of the portion here sett downe and to adde yt to such of the other as best desearve yt.

The Will was endorsed by the inventorers, Richard Trott, Samuel Smith, and Nathaniel Dickinson

Note: The Generation Numbers used in the decendants under the ancestor's name above come from The book "Foote Family, Genealogy and History of Nathaniel Foote, (Vol II)" by Abram W. Foote, published 1932

John Foote of Royston Robert Foote of Shalford - Son of John Foote of Royston Avis Foote - Daughter  of John Foote of Royston Elizabeth Foote John Foote of London (4) Robert Foote Jr. son for Robert of Shalford Elizabeth Foote Daughter of Robert of Shalford Elizabeth Foote Daughter of Robert of Shalford Mary Foote daughter of Robert of Shalford Joshua Foote son of Robert Foote of Shalford Francis Foote daughter of Robert of Shalford Joseph Foote son of Robert of Shalford Daniel Foote son of Robert of Shalford Nathaniel Foote son of Robert of Shalford Elizabeth Foote daughter of Nathaniel Foote Nathaniel Foote son of Nathaniel Foote Mary Foote daughter of Nathaniel Footee Robert Foote son of Nathaniel Foote Frances Foote daughter of Nathaniel Foote Sara Foote daughter of Nathaniel Foote Rebecca Foote daughter of Nathaniel Foote Josiah Churchill husband of Elizabeth Foote Elizabeth Smith wife of Nathaniel Foote John Stoddard husband of Mary Foote Sara Potter wife of Robert Foote John Dickinson husband of Francis Foote Jerimiah Judson husband of Sara Foote Phillip Smith husband of Rebecca Foote

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