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Military Family Support title
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Assistance to Military Families
In recenct years, Military spouses have been a cornerstone of support for Soldiers and their Families.   When you consider that more than half the Army is married, with more than a half-million spouses and 700,000 children, each one a precious gift who represents our future, Family Readiness becomes paramont.

Family readiness for Soldiers and their Families depends on education and support programs that promote self reliance and enhance individual and Family well-being.

As a general rule Army families help each other. They depend on each other, but in an era of persistent conflict the challenge grows with each deployment.

In some cases Military Families experience severe hardships when a reserve member faces multiple deployments into war zones. Not only is the remaining parent left to raise their children without the help from their spouse, but adding the worry that they may not survive combat puts severe stress on the whole family.

Support programs and readiness training can help to lessen the impact of the family.

In recognizing these hardships, the Foote Family Association of America has developed and posted this page in support to our Soldiers. We have provided links to both military and civilian web sites that can help make military life a little easier for their families.
Support For Homeless Veterans
Homless Veterans |  Find Support Near you |  National Coalition for Homless |  Militay Crisis On-line

Top Military / Veteran Web Sites
DOD Web Sites Directory |  Military.com |  JAG Web Site |  Military Onesource |  (new) Guide to Online Colleges |   Military Report.com |  Veterans Report |  Armed Services YMCA |   Veterans and Mesothelioma  |   Student Financial Aid Guide |   Higher Education Guide for Veterans

Military History Web Sites  (Re-Posted 6 October 2017)
Military Letters in War |  Military Nurses in war |  Militay Uniform Changes
Military History |  PTSD History/Overview |  Female Drug Addition |  Wikipedia Military History  |  Army Military History |  The Truth Abut Geese |  What is an Army Wife |  Sisterhood |  A True Army Wife is Someone Who |  Addiction/Suicide of Veterans |  (new) Operation We Are Here
Additional Information from Military-helper.org   Posted 6 January 2017)
VA Benifits for Elderly Veterans |  50-tips-next-PCS-move |  Military/Veterans-Day-discounts. |  Legal Rights on Active Duty |  Operation American Dream: |  Sesame Street - Military |  Employment Resources For Military Spouses
Disability Assistance     Poste 4 February 2017
Disability Accommodation Cost Guides |  Personal Finance Guide |  Disabled Students and Collage |  Guide to Buying Used Accessible Vehicles |  Types of Service Dogs |  34 Great Jobs for People with Disabilities |  Travel Tips for Workers with Disabilities |  Accommodations for Adult Children With Special Needs
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