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M. Larry Foote
11th Generation from Nathaniel Foote the Settler
photo of Larry Foote

Born: 12 February 1947 - 488 years after John Foote of Royston
Lives: Central Michigan area.
Father: Fred Daniel Foote (Genealogy #6862)
Mother: Roberta Mary Oaster
Sister: Judy Kay Foote
Half-Sister Patrica (Foote) Cain
Half-Sister Barbara (Foote) Guy

A number of years ago I had the good fortune to live in the northwest of England. During my travels in England I become aware of several prominent men who shared our family name. Although I was unable to establish a link with our family, I developed a keen interest in our ancestral past.

Unfortunately, the lack of time and money prevented further research into our ancestors while I was actually in England. During my travels since then I have on occasion had the privilege to meet with several Americans with our family name.

Sometime in February 1971, after arriving in Frederick Maryland, I found the name of Kenneth Charles Foote. When I made contact he mentioned that we were all related to Nathaniel Foote the Settler. He indicated he had a book that might help me trace my ancestors and was willing to let me borrow the book for a while. The book in question was Abram Foote's 2nd Book published in 1932.

With the assistance fom Abram Foote's ancestors and the FFAA I was able to trace my ancestry back to Nathaniel Foote, the Settler. Below is the results.

(Based on numbers from Foote Family
Genealogy and History Volumes 1 & 2, by Abram W. Foote)

(10) Fred Daniel Foote ( #6862)
(9)Loren Foote (#4814) - Grandfater
(8)Martin Porter Foote (#3191)
(7)Andrew Foote ( #1728)
(6) Miles Foote (#680)
(5) Jacob Foote (#219)
(4) Thomas Foote (#60)
(3) John Foote (#18)
(2) Robert Foote (#5)
(1) Nathaniel Foote (#1)

In1996 I was asked by the FFAA to develop the Foote family Web Site. Sice then there have been many updates with new information the look and feel of The story of who I am is contained below.

Early Years
I attended grade school at Northeastern Elementary School in Hastings Michigan. After completing the sixth grade I attended the "Central Junior High School" and went on to attend part of the ninth grade at "Hastings High School." At age 7 I joined the Cub Scouts. After completing all requirements for the Cub Scouts, at age 11 I joined the Boy Scouts of America were he obtained the rank of Star scout and Junior Assistant Scout Master.

At age 14 and during the school year in 1961 I moved with my mother tand sister o Anaheim, California where I completed the ninth grade at "Fremont Junior High. "

From there we moved to Orange California where I attended Orange High School. Since California did not have explorer scouts (only Sea Scouts) I dropped out of the Boy Scouts. At that time I needed two more merit badges to reach the rank of Life and about six more for the rank of Eagle.

In 1963 at sixteen I started working in the restaurant business , first as a dishwasher and later as a fry cook at Denney's Coffee Shop.

The next year I started as a Busboy/Waiter in the Branding Iron restaurant in Anahiem California. This was a French cosine gourmet restaurant located a mile south of Disney Land. It was common for Hollywood stars to eat at this restaurant on a regular basis.

In later years I became a Computer Technician, IT Manager, Website developer/coder, Project Manager for several large US companys. I continued working in the IT field for 43 years until I retired at age 63.

Army Career
On March 11, 1966 at age 19, I enlisted into the U.S. Army. I completed basic training at Ft Polk Louisiana. I had enlisted for Parameter Acquisition Radar School, but instead was sent to Cook School at Ft Lee Virginia.

After graduation, all but 4 of my class of 56 were sent to Vietnam. The rest were sent to Germany via the USNS Geiger, a troop ship from New York to Bremerhaven Germany.

I was assigned to a Field Artillery unit in Aschaffenburg, Germany where I worked as a Cook for one and a half years.

In October 1967 I was selected as a General's Orderly (Cook) by the Deputy Commandant, 3rd Infantry Division. I then worked for the General in his home in Kitzingen Germany for about six months.

In April 1968 I was reassigned to the local Brigade Headquarters as a cook. Shortly after being assigned I reenlisted for Digital Equipment School at Fort Monmouth, NJ.

From 1970 to 1973 I received training on Digital and electro-mechanical Equipment such as DSTE Communication System and repair of multiple types of electronic devices such as Carrier Systems, and Test Equipment calibration.

I remained a digital equipment repairmann for the remainder of my army Career

I Retired from the U.S. Army at Ft Dietrich Maryland on 1 April 1986 with 20 years of service.

Civilian Service:
On 7 March 1986 I was hired on Carlisle Barracks as A DCO supervisor (Telephone Supervisor) with the Information Systems Command (ISC), Carlisle.

About 4 hours into the Job I was reassigned as an Automation Planner/ Project Manager for Carlisle Barracks.

I worked as a planner/project manager on several high level projects such as a complete renewal of the base telephone system from Rotary Dial phones to a modern Touch Tone systems.

This project replaced all of the underground cable and replace an old Rotary Dial Switch to with 3 Modern Telephone Switches at a cost over 14 Million Dollars.

About 1995 the unit I was working for was retired and adsorbed by the Army War College. As a result, I was placed in the Computer Training Center. I researched, designed, and purchased the audio/visual equipment needed to setup a state-of-the-art classroom.

In 1996 I was moved to the Automation Help Desk as an Information System Technician responsible for the upkeep of network based computer systems on the base. In 2002 I became the Chief of the Automation Help Desk.

In 2003 I was moved tlo one of the teaching departments of the U.S. Army War college. In December 2009 I retired from the U.S. Government with 23 years of service

In November/December1969 I saw my wife to be in a bar with her dad in the small town of Export, PA. (They both worked for the same company and her dad always stopped for one beer after work) The first time she saw Me I was hustleling pool in the bar. A couple of days later I saw her again at the local skating rink and asked her for a date. Five weeks later we were married on December 30, 1969. Sandy is the daughter of Albert and Rose Aurin.

Sandy and have one child who was born October 5, 1970, and two wonderful grand daughters. We spend as much time as possible with our grandkids.

Most of my family (Aunts and Uncles) lived around Hastings Michigan.

I have one sister who lives somewhere in southern California.

ancester chart for Larry Foote

Other Interests
My other interests are:
  • Designing and coding Internet Web Pages.
  • Collecting Antiques.
  • Woodworking and Antique refinishing.
  • Collecting old coins
  • Teaching computer software techniques.
  • Landscaping.
  • Playing Music (Piano and Guitar)
  • Repairing Computer Systems

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