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Our Ancestors in America John  Foote
Birth Date:   July 24,1670
Birth Place:    Unknown
Christening:    Unknown
Death:    In 1713
Burial:   Unknown
Children:    Seven Children
Generation:    Third Generation In America

Marriage:    His wife's name was Mary

John was born on July 24,1670.  He was the 4th son of Robert Foote and the Grandson of Nathaniel Foote the settler. His wife's name was Mary. He died in1713.  They resided in Branford Connecticut. John and Mary had seven children. (see Vol-I, page 32). His children were 58 thru 64.   They make up the 4th generation.

Children of John Foote and Mary

Elizabeth Foote
Elizabeth was the first daughter of John Foote. She was born around the year 1697. She married Caleb Parmele, Jr. He died on July 14, 1750 and she died in the year 1725. See vol 1, page 32). Elizabeth and Calab had three children. Their children make up part of the 5th generation.

Mary Foote
Mary was the second daughter of John Foote. She was born in the year 1697. She was married to her first husband John Chedsey on February 8, 1715. She married her second husband Nathaniel Luddington date unknown. Mary resided in East Haven, Connecticut and died on May 7, 1758. She had three children. (See volt-I, page 32)

Capt John Foote
Capt John Foote was the second son of John Foote and a great grandson of Nathaniel (1) Foote. He was born in the year 1700, and married his first wife Elizabeth Frisbie the daughter of Jonathan Frisbie on December 25, 1733. She died on February 3, 1737. He married his second wife Abigal Frisbie on August 16, 1788. She died at the age of 67 in May 0f 1799. John and Abigal had two sons. (see pages 32 and 42 of Vol - I)

Samuel Foote
Samuel was the third son of John Foote and great grandson of Nathaniel the settler. Samuel was born in the 1702. and died early in life.

Jonathon Foote
Jonathan was the forth son of John (18) Foote and a great grandson of Nathaniel the settler. He was born in the year 1704. He married Lydia Sutliff the daughter of John Sutliff on June 14, 1727. They lived in Bradford, Connecticut. She died at the age of 64 on September 27, 1768 they had four children

Patience Foote
She was the third daughter of John (18) Foote and a great-granddaughter to Nathaniel the Settler. She was married on January 13, 1726 to Daniel Palmer, Jr

Dr. Thomas Foote
Thomas was the first son of John Foote and was born in the year 1699. He died on December 19, 1776. He married Elizabeth Sutliff. She died at the age of 82 on November 16, 1789. They lived in Bradford and Plymouth, Connecticut. Elizabeth and Thomas had eight children. Their children are part of the 5th Generation in America. (See vol -I, page 41)

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