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FFAA Reunions

Who Are We?
The Foote Family Association of America is intended to be the reorganization of the original Foote Family Association of America formed June 5, 1907, at Wethersfield, Connecticut. It is an organization, which formed to preserve the records of the family posterity and to provide the means for reviving, forming, and perpetuating Foote Family friendships and associations.

We trace our roots back to the early 1500's in England.
As a result of many years of researching family histories, we have amassed a great deal of information about our ancestors and their movements from Colchester England to this country. The period of time involved encompasses some 486 years from the birth of our oldest ancestor born in the year 1530 to the present.

We are in no way related to the Foote Family Association of North America, although. Of course their members are welcome in this association. Cultivation of friendship between all Foote Family Associations, either formal or informal, is a purpose of this organization.

Who Can Join the FFAA
Membership in this Association is open to all descendants of the Foote name, along with their husbands, wives, children, and widows or widowers. Membership is a family Membership which includes husband, wife, and their children under 18 years of age.

At a recent reunion, John Foote, Trustee and Membership Chairman updated the membership totals of the association. He stated we currently have 325 paid members. John also gave a Membership list by state; below are the top states for registered members.

California- 43  | New York - 42  | Connecticut - 25  | Ohio - 19  | 
Minnesota - 18 |  Florida - 16  |  Washington - 12  | Texas - 10
Arizona - 9  |  Michigan - 9 |  Pennsylvania - 9  | Massachusetts - 8

The remainder of the states range from 7 to 1 member.

The benefits of membership are:
  • A Biennial Foote Family Education Conference - The Foote Family Association of America, Inc. holds a Foote Family Education Conference every two years The conference is hosted by the president of the Foote Family Association of America. Each conference is held in a different location in our country. The next conference will be held in 2017.

  • A Quarterly Newsletter - A quarterly Newsletter of family activities, history and genealogical events.

  • Aquire Historical and Collectible Items - An opportunity to acquire historical and collectible items, with the family crest applied from The Foote Shoppe, which will fund the Association and several foundation-type activities.

  • Contributing Member - The opportunity to become a contributing member that develops, preserves and perpetuates the Association for our heritage through building family values and associations.

  • Genealogical Assistance - Assistance from the Association in developing your own genealogy from our extensive Foote history files.

How to join the FFAA
All of the above for the modest sum of $15.00 for a one-year membership or $28.00 for two years , renewable at the end of each calendar year. Just complete one of the membersip applications listed below.

Membership Application Forms:
If you would like to become a member, you can obtain an application form in one of two different ways.

Microsoft Word Format
Microsoft word - If you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer you can download a Microsoft Word document with the application form by clicking the link above Once opened print out the page to fill out the form.

Adobe PDF Format
In Adobe pdf Format
If you do not have Microsoft Word you can print the application from Adobe Acrobat by clicking on the title above. This opens a PDF file that can be printed.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader you can download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the link below.
Get Adobe Reader Version 9

Mail Membership Applications to
Robert Foote,
7781 N Avenida de Carlotta
Tucson, AZ, 85704

Gift Memberships
If you are allready a member - please consider a gift membership for a family member, or a special "Foote" friend you know. We will acknowledge your gift with an attractive certificate to give or send to that special person.

Please fill in the Gift Membersip Form with the name and address of the recipient of your gift in the space below. Indicate if you are purchasing a one or two year membership and return both this "Gift" form and check payable to the FOOTE FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA for the total.

Mail Gift Forms and Payment to:
Robert Foote
7781 N. Avenida De Carlotta,
Tucson, AZ 85704-2008 USA

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