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Our navigation page describes the layout and navigation scheme of our web site.

The Main Menu:
On most of our Web pages you'll be presented with a menu on the left side of your browser window. You'll notice the menu catagories are colored to provide a high contract between the text and the background.

Breadcrumb Menu Options
Accross the top of the page just under the page banner we provide a series of links (called Breadcrumbs) designed to help you navigate through our Web Site. The links available are:

  • Home - This option takes you back to the ain page of our web site.
  • Next Page - The opportunity to go to the next page in sequence.
  • Previous - The Opportunity to go back to the previous page you viewed.
  • Navigate - The opportunity to view a page of instructions.
  • Chat - A direct link to our chat room service
  • Guest Book - A direct link our Guest Book

Quick Links Bar
Just below the Breadcrumb menu you will find a Quick Links Box. This is provided to help the reader find key pages on our web site. The links are:

On the top Row
  • Information Announcements- Information notes from the FFAA
  • Surname Index - A list of Surnames associated with our English ancestors.
  • New Books - New genealogy books about Nathaniel Foote' Children. These booke are for sale.

On the 2nd Row
  • Our English Ancestors - The first three Generations born in England

  • Generation Charts - Family charts of the first three generation in England and America

  • What's New - Web Page Updates - This page provides information about recent changes to our Web Site.

  • Daily News -a Link to the the top Network news services providing Headlines of the day, and links to the most popular National newspapers.

  • Site Flow Diagram - A page that allows you to see the flow of pages on this web site.

On the 3rd Row
  • Family Group Sheets - Since the FFAA is compiling new books on the decendants of Nathaniel Foote's Children, It is most important that if you wish your name and names of your family to appear in new publications, you should submit a Family Group Sheets.

  • Maps and Photos -Maps and photos provided by our many members. Featured is a map of old Wethersfield dating around 1699.

  • Help Navigating - A quick help guide on how to use this web site.

  • Family History -A History of the Foote family from 1633

  • Research Tips - A page devoted to research questions and answers. This page also contains lists of reference books and links to article about how to research your family history.A page devoted to research questions and answers. This page also contains lists of reference books and links to article about how to research your family history.

On the 4th Row
  • Military Family Support - Support for our military families

  • Search Our Website - A search engine to search our website for family names
  • Contact The FFAA - Contact the Foote Family Association of America (FFAA)

Menu navigation:
You can navigate through our menus in several different ways.

1.TAB Key - You can navigate through each link on a page by pressing the [TAB] key. Links (including menu choices) are organized in sequential order starting from the number 1 to the maximum of 85.

2. Mouse - You can click on each menu choice or link by using the Mouse.

Adobe Files - Readers:
Abobe's .pdf format is used for some files on this site. You may download a free .pdf viewer from Adobe at the Products Web Site.

Additional Adobe free tools are available to assist visually impaired users at Adobe Web Site (

No endorsement of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Systems, Inc., or warranty is implied or expressed by the Foote Family Association of America

Web Site Accessibility
We take seriously our responsibility for insuring our web page meets the accessibility standards of Section 508 (29 U.S.C., 794d) of the Rehabilitation Act, and the accessibility standards developed by the Web Content Accessibility Guidlines of the World Wid Web Consortium (W3C). For more information or suggestions on how we can improve, contact our webmaster.

Page Flow Diagram

Next Page Link
The diagram below is provided to help you understand the flow of pages when you click on [ Next Page ]
Diagram of Page flow on this web site   Diagram of Page flow on this web site
  • When you click on the [ Next Page ] link from the [ Home Page ] your will follow the list on the left of the above diagram.

  • When you click on one of the children listed for each English ancestor the ["Next Page"] button will step you through each child and return you to their father.

  • To reach the [ Security & Privacy ] statement click on the link at the bottom of each page.
  • The same applies if you click on the [wife of each ancestor], the next page button will return you to her husband.

  • Once you reach the Pasco Foote articles the [Next Page] link will step you through each article. After the Prison Ships article you will be brought back to the home page.

  • The Internet Search Page [ Search Our Site ] can me found by clicking on the link in the [ Quick Links ] Box at the top of each page.

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