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Information Notes From the Foote Family Association

FFAA Members Only:
Do you have a Background in Sales or do you like to shop ?
The Foote Family Association, Inc has the perfect job for you!
We are looking for someone in our membership to manage our Footeshoppe. Some of the duties Include the following
(Posted 8/30/2017)

FFAA 2017 Family Education Conference
(September 21 - 24) Footeprints Newsletter Volume 16, Issue 2
A Special Edition of the Footeprints Letter Volume 16, Issue 2 - With information about our upcomming Foote Family Conference and registration form

Footeprints Letter Volume 16, Issue Issue 3
Volume III, Book 3 ,Frances Is now available and will be sold at the 2017 Foote Family Conference (September 21 - 24, 2017 ).   If you want a copy mailed to you the price will be $70/including postage.
(Posted 9/3/2017)

The 2017 Foote Family Educational Conference

The 2017 Family Conferencewill be held in Williamsburg, VA on September 21-24, 2017. The conference will be held in the Woodlands Hotel(one of the Colonial Williamsburg Hotels). Cost of stay will be $109 per night-2 double beds, or $129 per night suite with a king bed in one room and a double in the front room.

There will be an addition fee of a $20 one time fee per person for the entire stay to have access to the inside of the buildings in the Colonial area.  There is a $10 charge for children 6-12 and under 5 are free.  The Saturday banquet will be $40 per adults,$30 for children 6-12, and under 5 free. Reservations can be made at 1-800-261-9530 (Mention the Foote Reunion).
(Posted 12/30/2016)

Foote Family Association Board Changes
Along with our new board members taking on their responsibilities in January, we also have some changes within the existing board.

Congratulations to Cynthia Foote who will be assuming the 1st Vice President position and Marge Lehman for moving to a 2nd Vice President position.

Marilyn Masi will be moving to a trustee position. She has held many positions within the board, including President, which she held for several years. Thanks to all of you for taking on some added duties and fun as well!
(Posted 9/23/2016)

Volume III, Nathaniel 2:
We are currently asking for last call for submissions to the Nathaniel book.

This will be a very large book and consist of more than one volume.

Please get your information together, if you are Descended from Nathaniel, the son, as soon as possible.

Please send your submissions to: FFAA, PO Box #418, Middlefield, Ct 06455 or e-mail them to
(Posted 9/23/2016)

A Request For Information
This request comes from Marlene Rathbun Wilkinson, she has been an amateur genealogist since 1969.

She is seeking information about Gooing Foote who is listed in Boston Marriages in a list entitled " Pur-poses of Marriage Not Recoded in Town Records." The date was 7 September 1696. The date of mar-riage, death, or any other information about Gooing has not been discovered. He could have been Gowen Foote or some other name.

By 1710, Patience, listed as his housekeeper, was mentioned as a beneficiary in the will of William Gay-er in Nantucket. In 1712, Patience married Stephen Pease in Nantucket. They later moved to Ed-gartown, Dukes County, MA. Stephen died and later Patience died in Edgartown.

Does anyone have any information about Gooing Foote?

Marlene is descended from Nathaniel Foote through Elizabeth Foote who married Josiah Churchill.

If you do, please contact :
Marlene Rathbun Wilkinson
1248 East Melrose Drive
Westlake, OH 44145-2801
(Posted 9/23/2016)

The Foote Family Genealogy and History, Volume III
Volume III, is one of the Associations greatest works. We have been working on the project for more years than I know, having been in the group since the 90.s, I have seen the board members, association members and the several book editors be committed to see this project through to comple-tion.

We have already successfully published Volume III, Book 1, Elizabeth 2 (Foote) Churchill, and Book 2, Mary 2 (Foote) (Stoddard) (Goodrich) (Tracey). We have closed submissions on Book 3, Sarah, and we are currently working to get this to the publishers this year.

Important ! our "Become a Member" page has links to Family Data sheets in Microsoft Word or PDF format for submission of your known ancestors.

Future books are:
Nathaniel's daughters Frances, Sarah, and Rebecca Foote. Those will be followed by updates to sons Nathaniel and Robert to continue them into the fourteenth generation and current time.
(Posted 9/23/2016)

For More Information on the Foote Family
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(Posted 9/23/2016)

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